Box display with an inline playerBox display with an inline player Videobox is Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x plugin that enables you to insert video and audio in your articles. It supports videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as music from SoundCloud, and HTML5 supported video and audio formats. Videobox offers many ways to insert a video inside the content to fit the needs of your website. The Direct player enables you to insert videos in the content quickly and easily, by putting the video ID between two {videobox} tags, like this: {videobox}KKWTdo5YW_I{/videobox}

Another prominent feature of Videobox is the box display, which enables you to insert videos without sacrificing a lot of space for the player. Rather than the full-size video player, box display inserts a video thumbnail (optionally with the title), which behaves just like the photos in your article - by setting it to float to the left or to the right, it gets wrapped by the content. When clicked, video is played inside a lightbox, or using an Inline player.

This approach allows articles to be straight to the point without unnecessary distractions, while keeping the content dynamic, with all the videos still included right where they belong to. However, sometimes the videos are there just as a citation or a note, and the whole video may have nothing to do with the content. In this case, even a thumbnail used by the box display would be irrelevant and distracting. A link to the video seems a good choice in a situation like this, but it does have one unwanted property: when user clicks it, he leaves your website and may not come back. To prevent that, Videobox has an option to insert an "upgraded" link, which plays the video using the lightbox player (like a link to the Bloodbound - Moria video right here)

On the other hand, the Gallery display allows you to insert many videos at once, with a built-in pagination to prevent the gallery from taking up too much space. Gallery can also be used with links instead of thumbnails, which is useful for when you have to add a list of referenced videos to the end of the article.

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